A New Intentionality

Maybe you noticed a few weeks ago that we have started playing a video right at the end of our Sunday services. A lot of people have wondered what these videos are all about, so we are providing an answer. 
These videos are an attempt to help those who have made a decision to follow Jesus know what a good next step could be at CFC. One of the most common questions we have received in both our Membership and Intro to CFC classes is “If you don’t do altar calls, how would someone respond to the Gospel in one of our services?” As this question continued to come up, we realized that we are sharing the Gospel weekly, but we did not have a consistent way to invite people to take the next step. We needed to do something about it. 
In these videos, the same person who is in the welcome video at the beginning of the service answers this question and invites individuals to either text the word “follow” to the church’s number or stop by The Center to talk with someone. Our goal is to help them engage with a member of our community who is able to walk through the Gospel with them, answer any questions they have, pray with them, and then help them know what their next steps ought to be. 
With that in mind, if you are getting this email, these videos are probably not for you as the vast majority of people who have signed up for CFC’s eNews have, by God's grace, already made a commitment to follow Jesus and are well on their path to doing so. So while these videos might not be for you, they are REALLY important, and you may be able to help. If you see someone around you who is new, greet them after the video! In the course of talking with them, you may discover that they have questions either about CFC or about the Gospel. We invite you to join them on the path. If you don’t know the answers, bring your new friend to The Center to introduce them to someone who can help. Perhaps God put them in that seat specifically for you to be able to help them take their first steps on the Gospel path.
Don’t forget that THIS Sunday there is an informational meeting about an upcoming short-term mission trip to Honduras! The trip will be October 1-10. If you are interested, please head to Room 215 this Sunday following the 9:15 AM service.
We can't wait to worship with you this weekend!
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