Creating a Safe Environment

We implemented something a few years ago, and we figured this is the most appropriate way to provide you with an update about it. We believe that one of our responsibilities as a church is to create safe environments for our family to worship in. Out of a desire to shepherd and protect the flock at CFC well, we implemented a Security and Safety Team (SST) in November of 2022. The goal in creating this group was to make our time of coming together as a body on Sundays as safe as possible. Not only did we want to have a prepared response if an individual came to CFC meaning to do harm, but we also wanted to be better prepared to respond to other emergency situations.
The SST now has a medical professional working with them every Sunday morning so that we always have a medic on call. Over the course of the last sixteen months, the SST has responded to several medical incidents ranging from minor events to serious matters requiring immediate medical attention. CFC is fortunate to have the McCutchanville Fire Department and paramedics so close by to be able to serve us. All of these incidents, by the grace of God, ended as well as possible.
The SST works in partnership with the on-duty, uniformed law enforcement officer who is also present on Sundays. The group is made up of active-duty officers, retired officers, prior military members, and others who have undergone training to be part of the group. Members train together several times a year to be better prepared to protect the congregation. We are appreciative to have a great working relationship with members of the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office who have been supportive of this endeavor.
The SST is fully staffed and not looking to bring on new personnel at this time. The men and women currently serving give generously of their time on Sunday mornings. If you see someone wearing a red SST lanyard or a blue medical lanyard, please feel free to introduce yourself and thank them for serving.
We can’t wait to worship with you this weekend, and we are thankful to have people serving us in these ways while we are here. See you Sunday!
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