Kids Are Seeking Our Guidance

Last weekend, many people from CFC and the community went to Sean McDowell's presentation of "Passing Your Faith to the Next Generation" at the Victory Theatre. It was an insightful exploration of Deuteronomy 6:1-4, complemented by stories from the McDowell family. Sean tackled crucial questions, such as "How do I raise my kids in the faith?" and "How can I parent my children so they will embrace Christianity?" His talk was both motivational and practical.
Whether you went to the presentation or not, CFC is committed to keeping the Family Discipleship conversation alive. We're thrilled to announce an 8-week video study of Sean's book, "So The Next Generation Will Know," on Tuesday evenings beginning next week on February 13th. If you're eager to be challenged and encouraged in this area, consider signing up.
On a related note, our Children’s Ministry Team recently attended a conference where they came across some eye-opening statistics about family discipleship. The Family Matters Research Project by OneHope revealed that a significant percentage of U.S. parents feel defeated, overwhelmed, or anxious in their parental roles. Surprisingly, only slightly more than a third of parents believe they have tremendous influence in their child’s life. What's even more surprising is that the study showed that 80% of their kids named their parents as their #1 influence. The disparity between the parents' perspectives and that of their kids emphasizes the truth that kids hunger for our input, while a lack of confidence often causes parents to shy away from important conversations.
The study also highlighted that while parents feel comfortable discussing friendships, emotional/mental health, and tech consumption, they tend to avoid topics like gender identity; sexuality; and personal faith, beliefs, and doctrines. However, kids are seeking guidance from their parents on these crucial subjects, and they often turn to social media influencers when these conversations don't happen at home.
Sign up for this class or another of our Bible Study classes that will equip you for these important conversations with your kids on our CLASSES page.
We can’t wait to worship with you this weekend!
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