Study Questions for June 16, 2024

Read Genesis 6:1-9:17; Matthew 24:37-39; 2 Peter 2:5

  1. Last week we addressed the issue of these earliest characters being historical figures. What do the Matthew 24 and 2 Peter 2 passages help us believe?
  2. What does Genesis 6:3 say about what is coming in the verses that follow?  What does it say about God's character?
  3. What does Genesis 6:5 tell us about humanity's capacity for evil?
  4. List some things you learn about God's character from Genesis 6.
  5. List some things you learn about Noah's character from Genesis 7.
  6. How might you apply the concept of God's provision and protection in the ark to your own life?
  7. In Genesis 8, how does God's covenant with Noah assure us about His unchanging love and mercy?
  8. How does God's command to Noah and his sons to "be fruitful and multiply" (Genesis 9:1) relate to God's original mandate to Adam and Eve in Genesis 1:28?
  9. How does the sign of the rainbow serve as a constant reminder of God's promises?
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