Study Questions for May 19, 2024

Read Philippians 4:10-20

In our last lesson, we looked at the imperative force (commands) of the text. In our reading today, there is no imperative force. Paul isn't commanding us to do anything, but there are examples to follow. Can you find 2 examples to follow from Paul? Can you find 2 examples to follow from the Philippians?

According to 4:17, Paul is trying not to sound ungrateful for the gift. He is, however, most excited for what?

In this letter, we have seen how joy and peace come down to a close relationship with Jesus Christ. According to 4:11-12, what is the result of a close relationship with Jesus?

Contrast the very popular 4:13 with what Paul says in Romans 8:28-29. What is the common emphasis that runs through the "all things" and "everything" connotations of these passages? (i.e. What is the goal?)

Do you think Paul understood Proverbs 30:7-9?  How are you at this?

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