Study Questions Apr 21, 2024

Read Philippians 3:1-11 and Romans 3:19-22

In 3:1, Paul talks about the necessity of repetition of instruction in matters of faith and practice. Why is this so important?

Since our faith is objective, based on a relationship with Jesus Christ, what challenges to the relationship do you face in keeping it fresh but also familiar? Perhaps draw from the experience of other relationships you have where the challenges are similar.

In 3:2-4, what specific challenge to our relationship with Jesus is Paul identifying?

Are you tempted to stop relying on Christ to trust in your religious performance? In what way does the law of God serve us (v 20)? Does this shock you? How are you currently experiencing God's way of making you "right with Him?"

In 3:5-6, Paul gives his list of previous reasons as to why he was confident in his standing before God. Do you have a list of previous reasons for being confident before God? We tend to think of all the bad things that keep us from a right standing before God, but what good things might keep a person from becoming right with God?
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