Study Questions Apr 7, 2024

Read: Philippians 2:1-18

Notice how verses 12-18 flow from what Paul has taught us from Christ's example in the previous verses. We can call the outcome Paul is identifying here "spiritual formation" (Galatians 4:19).

According to v 12, why is it important to pursue this sort of formation in partnership with others as much as we can. What might happen in Paul's absence from the Philippians?

Using the context of chapter 2, what "results of our salvation" is Paul concerned with?

According to v 13, how do we accomplish this?
Looking through verses 14-16, what 3 commands are implied in these verses?

In light of the personal evaluation that comes from these 3 commands, how does your own progress in spiritual formation appear to be going?  To what do you hold firmly when trouble comes?  Do you feel the difference in the way you live and respond from what you observe in those around you? Do you see a process to the progress in our own life?  How can gratitude be part of your exercise in spiritual formation in light of God's patient work in you?
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