Study Questions for Easter

Read: Philippians 2:1-11 and Isaiah 45:18-25

1. Last week Paul reminded us that our citizenship is in heaven. Our Lord and loyalties lie with that location and economy.  What does it say to you about the love of God for Jesus to leave his position there to reside with us, and rescue us??

2. Why would we need to be told to be humble and not selfish? What is the goal of self-exaltation?  What typically results?

3. What is the attitude (or mindset) of Jesus? How is the humility of Jesus exercised and expressed in this passage? Why do you value humility in others?  Why is it difficult to prize humility within ourselves?

4. How do you see Paul drawing from Isaiah 45 here? What can you infer about the exaltation of Christ from this passage?

5. What specific way do you need to apply this passage?

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