Study Questions for June 9, 2024

Read Genesis 3

1. The temptation narrative is very insightful and timeless. Satan uses the same themes in differing variations even today.
  • In his conversation with Eve, Satan offers a character as well as an allure to his presentation.
  • In verses 1-5, what is he trying to convince Eve of concerning the character of God?
  • In verse 6 we see three aspects of the allure, what are they?

2. When Adam and Eve sinned what was their first response? Why did they make clothes of fig leaves? How did their response change once they heard the LORD God walking in the garden?

3. What were the three questions God posed to Adam? How many of them does He answer? Instead of answering any of the questions directly what does Adam do?
Why does He blame the woman rather than take responsibility?

4. Take a few moments and talk or think about how they (and we) use blame. What purpose does blame serve?

5. How convinced are you that you can hide your sin from God and others?

6. Reacquaint yourself with Genesis 3:15. It is a very important verse in the Bible. Why?

7. How did God clothe them? Why did they need different clothing? Why did blood have to be shed? What is the significance of blood being shed to cover sin until Jesus Christ shed His blood once and for all?

8. How did God protect Adam and Eve from the tree of life? Why did He do that?

9. Last week we learned about the goodness of God. What did you learn about His character from Genesis 3?

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