Tuition and Registration Payments

Tuition and Registration Payments

How can I make a payment?
CREDIT/DEBIT CARD –  Parents/guardians can go into their payment portal at any time to make a payment or check their balance. They can text the word "me" to 812-867-6464 and will get a link back to our church's teams app. Under Events, they will find FFPS 23-24 Tuition or FFPS 24-25 Tuition which will show their remaining balance. They can then click the payment button to make a payment.

How much does Friends Forever Preschool cost?
2023-24 Annual tuition for the Younger Program is $1,280. For your convenience, we allow this to be spread out in 8 monthly payments of $160 (September through April).
2023-24 Annual tuition for the Pre-K Program is $1,480. For your convenience, we allow this to be spread out in 8 monthly payments of $185 (September through April).

There is also an annual registration fee of $75. You can pay it when you enroll your child.

When is my tuition due?
Tuition payments are due the 1st of each month September through April. Registration fees are due at the time of registration.

Am I able to pay my tuition annually?
Yes! We offer the convenience of making payments monthly, but you are welcome to pay the entire year in advance.

Can I set up recurring payments to pay my tuition online?
Yes! Select “Partial Payment” at the bottom of the online payment form and check "Automatic Monthly Payments." Remember there is no payment due in May.

What happens if I pay my tuition late? What is your policy?
Tuition payments are due the 1st of each month. We do not charge late fees; however, if you are more than two months behind in tuition payments, Friends Forever Preschool reserves the right to dismiss your child. You will not be able to register your child for future school years until all accounts are current.

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