Serve in CFCKids

We will not hide these truths from our children;
    we will tell the next generation
about the glorious deeds of the LORD,
    about his power and his mighty wonders.

-Psalm 78:4

There are multiple ways to serve in CFC Kids. We can work to fit your schedule.

Room Leaders encourage and connect with the other classroom leaders, delegating tasks so they have a purpose and know their role before entering the classroom on Sunday. They verify that children in the classroom are being taught the Word of God by the curriculum given by CFC Kids Ministry Team. They verify that all policies and procedures are being followed within the classroom. They develop a plan of action prior to each Sunday.

Small Group Leaders focus on building relationships with children during class time. They complete tasks as assigned by the Room Leader, such as ensuring correct check-in of kids, helping kids participate in activities, and crafts.  

Area Coordinators are stationed in the hallways to assist families, oversee safety and security procedures, assist with needs in the classroom, watch classroom adult to child ratios, track attendance of classroom leaders, and are familiar with Specific Needs Action Plans (SNAP). Area Coordinators notify CFC Kids Staff of any emergencies or issues as they arise.

First Impression Team members specialize in making all children and their families feel welcome, loved, and safe. Included within this team would be greeters for families, assistants for computer check-in, and those who assist with guiding families to their appropriate classroom locations.

Sidekicks are adults who specialize in making children with specific needs feel welcome, loved, and safe. Sidekicks will be paired with an individual child to provide continuity and additional support when it is needed. A Sidekick will hold a child’s life-saving medications and be aware of their assigned child’s Specific Needs Action Plan (SNAP), and will notify CFC Kids Staff of any emergencies or issues as they arise. Find out more about being a sidekick HERE.

Nursery Team Members care for babies from birth to 20 months in a way that makes them feel loved, safe, and secure. It brings opportunities to sing with them, pray over them, bring them comfort, and play with them.

Subs play a vital role by filling in when regular volunteers need to be gone or when classrooms are short-staffed.  Subs can elect to serve in one of the above areas and select an age group that they prefer to work with.
If you would like to get more information about serving in CFC Kids before applying, fill out this short form, and someone will contact you.

Serving weekly is the best way to develop relationships and disciple kids, but we can work with you to fit your schedule.