Short Term Trips

Discipleship abounds when you go on a short-term mission trip with CFC. Whether it's a days drive or a long flight to Africa, you are sure to see God at work in the lives of those you're ministering to, those you're ministering with or in your own heart.
Whatever your age or skill level, there is likely a trip designed for you, or maybe even for your entire family. If you have an idea for a trip or a group of people who want to work together to serve for a week, we can help you design your specific short-term mission trip.
We have developed long-term relationships with our missionaries and other ministry organizations to maximize each other's ministry effectiveness and to ensure the safety of our teams. We value each other's ministries and work together to further God's kingdom. Many of our people have returned to the same places multiple times allowing them to build relationships with the missionaries and also the people in the local communities.

Why do we organize these trips? They are simply one of the best catalysts for spiritual growth. There are very few ways to see the results that we have seen over the years in the lives of those who have been changed as a result of going on a Disciple Trip.
CFC uses these trips as a discipleship tool. Consequently, they are designed for regular attenders of CFC. While there may be exceptions to this, the primary participant should be a regular attender of CFC.

Whether you are able to pray for our teams, give financially to support them, or are able to go on a trip, there is a place for you in short-term missions here at CFC. Loving God, Loving People! (all around the world).

Guiding Principles For Our Disciple Trips
  • We want God honored on all of our trips. This includes where we go, why we go, who goes and the training and philosophy of each trip.
  • We want our trips to empower in country leadership and not create dependency.
  • We want our trips to be led and trained by biblically qualified leaders and effective thorough training to prepare each team.
  • We want each trip to be a discipleship experience. We go as learners. There is much to learn from our in country partners.
  • Additionally, we want each team member to debrief upon return, process what they have experienced and act on what God may have shown or taught them.

Upcoming Trips:
College Ministry Summer Trip - Application Deadline has passed
Bolivia Fall Trip - Find out more and fill out an application to serve on this trip in the Fall of 2024 HERE