Frequently Asked Questions
when planning a visit

Where do I park?
We have designated Visitor Parking in the southwest corner of the upper parking lot off Millersburg Road. Please feel free to use one of these spots. If full, you’re welcome to park in any available spot.

What’s the best door to enter?
Door A is convenient to Visitor Parking. This door is also the closest to our information desk known as The Center. We’d love to meet you and give you a Welcome Bag. Please stop by!

As a visitor, can I register my child(ren) for CFC kids?
Absolutely! First-time guests should text NEWKID to 812-867-6464.

Can my child(ren) still attend class if I failed to make an advance reservation?
We’ll be happy to take care of you! Please see the host at CFC Kids upon your arrival, or stop by The Center. Both are located in the main lobby.

Do you have a nursery or cry room?
We have a nursery staffed with capable staff and volunteers. All nursery workers have undergone background checks for the safety of your children. Nursery reservations can be made the same way as instructed above for CFC Kids.
We also have cry rooms, located off both the east and west hallways. We also have video monitors in the main foyer and coffee shop if you’d like to watch the service in one of these locations.

Is there a dress code at CFC?
Casual, modest dress is always appropriate.

What is the difference between the Classic Venue and Main Worship Center services?
The two main differences are -
  1. Classic Venue takes place in the Chapel and is offered at 8:00 AM
  2. Hymns and traditional music are sung at the 8:00 Classic Venue service, whereas Worship Center services are mostly contemporary music with occasional hymns.
Both services have the same teaching/sermon delivered by the same pastor/presenter.

Do you offer adult Sunday School Classes?
We offer one adult Sunday School class that meets year round in room 127 during the 9:15 AM service. We also offer a variety of short-term courses at various times throughout the week. These usually range from 5-12 weeks in length. Some are held on Sunday mornings, while others are offered during the week. Up-to-date information about available courses may be found HERE.

Are drinks allowed in the Chapel and Worship Center?
They are. Please be sure to have a lid or closure. Coffee is available for a donation in the foyer. We have a great coffee shop too! At Solid Grounds, you can purchase an assortment of tasty drinks and breakfast items. Solid Grounds is located off the gym and can also be accessed from outside using the door near the handicapped parking spaces.

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