FFPS Discipline

Questions About Discipline

Children naturally want to please adults especially when they are praised for positive appropriate behavior. Our teaching staff is trained to be firm yet loving, making expectations clear. We help children understand the difference between acceptable and unacceptable actions, encouraging them to make "good choices." The teachers are consistent, following through with a consequence for poor choices. Children are corrected with a gentle voice without embarrassing them. They may be removed from the group and asked to sit on a "listening chair," a "self- control chair," or a "think about it" chair for three to five minutes.

If a child continues to be willfully defiant and disobedient, he or she may be asked to go home for the day and miss the next day of school.
 Honestly this has happened only a few times in several years. Because we are constantly stating the desired behavior and praising them for making good choices, we seldom have discipline problems. When disciplining issues occur, our goal is to keep close communication with parents, partnering with them for consistency at home as well as at school. Each child is treated with respect and gentleness every day.