Friends Forever Preschool

Comments From Parents

"Friends Forever is a beautiful and loving environment perfect for a child’s preschool years where they begin to gain responsibility, independence, and confidence away from home. When it was time to begin looking at preschools, I knew exactly what I had in mind for my son. I wanted a place that would not only prepare him academically for kindergarten, but more importantly help him to grow spiritually, socially, and emotionally in a Christ-centered environment. The moment I met Ms. Susie and walked the halls and classrooms of Friends Forever, I knew this school was something special.
The teachers truly understand what it means to care about the whole child and will help to foster a child’s love of God, others, and themselves. They pour their love and kindness over the children through prayers, uplifting words, respect, and gentleness. As a family we have felt fully embraced by the teachers. They welcome us with open arms and smiles encouraging us to be involved with our child’s early education. Friends Forever has set the foundation for my son’s education and spiritual growth and it will be the place where we will send my two younger daughters as well. We will always be thankful for the blessing that Friends Forever has become to our family and look forward to being a part of their family for the years to come."
- Heather Moye
"Friends Forever Preschool has been a wonderful experience for my family. The teachers have made me and my son feel so comfortable. They are really trying to model the unconditional love of Christ. This is woven into the students day from the time they are greeted until they are calming down from recreation. Perhaps the teachers are most intentionally modeling God’s love if correction is needed—offering understanding, redirection, and prayer. My Friends Forever student has grown in confidence, problem solving, compassion, and knowledge this year. He looks forward to school. He is learning to be a friend himself as he is taught about self awareness, conflict resolution, and delayed gratification. These interpersonal skills are invaluable. All of this is set in an academically appropriate stimulating environment where each minute of the day has a purpose. I encourage anyone to contact Friends Forever Preschool to learn more and see if this would be the right fit for you as well."  
- Heidi Holderman

"My daughter Millie Jo started attending Friends Forever Preschool last year. We love it. I say ‘WE’ love it, because Friends Forever is a wonderful place for both students and parents. A welcoming place to jump start my daughter’s education. She is making long-lasting friendships through ‘play-learning’. The social activities help to grow and strengthen her personality. My husband and I are happy to see her learning so much in preparation for kindergarten. The teachers at Friends Forever are skilled, organized, and amazing! Millie Jo will frequently use sign language, speak Spanish, or quote scripture. I had the privilege of watching these amazing ladies in action first hand as a parent helper for ‘Leader Day’. Watching the children pray was precious. Each child starting their own personal relationship with the Lord is a beautiful thing to see. We are so thankful and appreciative to have these wonderful godly women working hard with our children every day. Friends Forever has had such a positive impact on our little girl. She comes home after school to spread the joy, sharing stories with her little brother. They talk about her day and how much fun she had. He cannot wait to start going to school at Friends Forever. The teachers have always made my son feel welcomed and comfortable. I know he will be in great hands just like my daughter has been."
- Jacki Wortman

"As a parent, I want preschool to be more than just child care. If I’m going to pay money for my child to be somewhere other than with me, I want to know that he is being loved and encouraged during his hours away from home. As a Friends Forever Preschool parent, I am assured of this and more! Friends Forever has exceeded my expectations of a hands-on, loving approach to teaching our precious children about friendships, following rules, respect and having fun with learning, as well as the alphabet and basic math. Friends Forever has a “Leader Day” system that allows you to not only observe, but be a part of your child’s day during preschool on a rotating basis throughout the school year. If you are considering a preschool experience for your child, I cannot say enough about the caring staff and warm atmosphere of Friends Forever Preschool."
- Catherine Sailer

"Friends Forever Preschool has far exceeded any expectations I had for a preschool. We were nervous about how our son would acclimate to the new environment but he did so much better than expected. I love how organized and structured the school is. The teachers are extremely patient and loving with the children, always greeting them with a hug every morning. I also was amazed at how much scripture my son, being only three years old, has retained. While driving the car, he noticed his little brother was acting up and told him, “We need to love one another.” He told us he learned this from his preschool. I can’t say enough good things about this school."
- Allison Keen

"Friends Forever is the sweetest place on earth- truly. We moved from out of state and we started there knowing nothing about it; and it is now one of my favorite places in Evansville. Miss Susie spearheads the preschool with such grace and wisdom and the teachers are so loving. The Christ-centered environment and Godly teachers pouring into our daughter influenced her to accept Jesus as her Savior. Friends Forever has impacted our lives and we will forever be grateful for our time well spent there."
- Leslie Buchholz

"Friends Forever holds a special place in our hearts at the Brown household where all five of our children attended preschool. Our children fondly remember their loving, encouraging teachers and friends from their preschool years. Friends Forever provided a safe, Christian environment for our children to begin their first times of independence away from home. They grew in areas of social, emotional, physical and cognitive development while surrounded by teachers who were always concerned for their well being. We will always be thankful and feel blessed by our time and memories at Friends Forever."
- Beth Brown